Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Glee! Where backstabbing, drugs and teenage sex rules!

A few days ago, I posted a clip about Glee's Season 1, with the Glee club dancing to Toxic, ending off with Jane Lynch's outraged "It's a Britney Speares sex riot!"

And then, I decided to (finally) watch Glee, and instantly got hooked.

This show is about dreams.
It's about your high school days, when everything was all about 'being cool' and having a place with the rest of the crowd. It's about love triangles, backstabbing and everything in between. It's about sacrifices, relationships and how sometimes fame and fortune can mean nothing when compared to passion and friendship.

Okay, so the number of extreme characters in this series makes it feel unrealistic at first glance, but bear with it (it gets relatively better as the story goes along), take a closer look and you'll find that there's so much hidden reality to it. And for some strange reason that I can't fathom, there are times when I find myself actually being touched by these strange characters.

And for a lack of any other better reason why you should watch Glee, there's this - these kids are talented.

[random thoughts]
Think back into your high school years -
Have you ever felt like a loser?
Like you didn't fit in anywhere?
Or maybe you were popular, but constantly felt pressured to portray an image that wasn't really you?
What if you were a geek?
What if you weren't pretty enough?
What if you're a 'minority'?

So what?

Isn't being happy enough?
[/random thoughts]

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