Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Critiqal Beginnings

Ever since I could remember, Christianity has played a part in my life. Church on Sundays, memory verses, Bible stories, prayer before food and bedtime. But while it has played a part in my life, it has yet to become my life.

So when I was interviewed and offered a job at Voxbiblia, an audio Bible company, I was rather hesitant on taking it up. But I felt that I was at a key crossroad in my spiritual life, and something in me made me choose to take on the offer.

It's been six months.

Reading the Bible
Reading blogs and posts from countless pastors and Christian websites
Researching on how Christianity has spread through the world

Much of it has been encouraging, but many more doubts have been raised.

And so, I've decided to begin my search proper, and to use this blog to pose questions and document the answers for others to discover.

Feel free to take offense and tell me your views. My tone might be harsh, even insulting to some. But my goal is simple - I'm not trying to prove that God doesn't exist. I just want to see if God is real.

That being said, please keep the flame wars to the minimum. Offend me if you like, but not the other readers of this blog.

Disclaimer: Voxbiblia has, in no way, influenced my thinking or my decision to start this blog. I
will be referring to Voxbiblia and Biblesearch.org when writing my posts - this gives me ideas on how to improve Voxbiblia's interaction for the rest of the Christian bloggers out there. (Talk about combining work with play!)

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