Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go to hell!

[Random Musings] How many times have we heard that "if we don't believe in Christ, we will go to hell"? Why are we constantly so focused on trying to 'save' people, instead of wanting to let people know about the wonderful relationship that we have with Christ? Is this relationship so insignificant? How many Christians really do have that relationship with Him?[/Random Musings]

Taking on the carrot and stick theory, shouldn't we be using both the carrot and stick to lead a person down the right path. Have we over-emphasized the stick because it’s more effective than the virtual carrot? Or is the carrot more real than simply “muttering words before our meals” and speaking in tongues (which, to the layperson and half the Christian community is contrived to be complete gibberish)?

[Disclaimer] No insult meant in breeching the subject of speaking in tongues – I just hope to give an unbiased picture of what others view speaking in tongues as. Instead of it being seen as a form of communication with God, it often comes across as a bunch of people looking possessed instead. Perhaps this is why, when Paul wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 14:5, he said "I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying." [/Disclaimer]

So here’s a shoutout to everyone out there reading this blog – Drop in a comment about your relationship with God. Use this opportunity to tell others how real God is to you, and encourage others to cultivate that as well!

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