Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm a grape!

I read Julie's blogpost today, and I've arrived at this conclusion - I'm a grape.

I want to be a grape.

Since i understand that it might take some extra energy to click on the above link, here's what she wrote:
Most people don’t know this, but the Bible talks about three types of people and what it takes to line up their lives to follow the correct path so that they can be useful to God and others. These types of people are directly compared to barley, wheat, and grapes.

is separated from its exterior chaff by winnowing, or light blowing. Wheat has harder chaff and takes a bit more to be refined and made useful—its chaff is removed bythreshing. And the last type of people are described as grapes. Do you know what it takes for a grape to be conformed to Christ and made useful? It takes a winepress! But in the end, wine is sweet, and it is very good to the taste.
Why did I come to the conclusion that I'm a grape? Because I'm stubborn, rebellious and I require a lot of attention for so very little faith.

But why on earth would I want to be a grape?? I feel that the experience of going through the winepress is worthwhile, if only I could be transformed into sweet juices that linger on the tongues of others that sample the end result. To use what I've learnt to touch the lives of others, to acquire a distinct taste that makes others notice the difference. No matter how painful the winepress, if the result is a glass of clear, refined wine, then it's all worthwhile.

I only hope I won't end up being just a bunch of sour grapes...

What about you?

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