Friday, October 1, 2010

All the makeup in this town covers the frowns…

When I was young, I always thought that putting on makeup was like putting on a mask – layer after layer, the makeup smoothes out wrinkles, covers up blemishes, and even fills out those unsightly pock marks left by old acne scars. When you finally present yourself to the world, you’re a completely different person than the face that stared at you in the bathroom mirror that very morning.

Fun fact: I heard from my friend that in Japan, some people put on FIVE layers of foundation! That’s like putting on a whole new skin!

I stumbled across an interesting manga called Ageha 100% today. The story goes that there’s a rumour spreading around about a legendary make up artist, Ageha, whose magical powers can transform girls into beauties. In reality, Ageha is Rin Fujiwara – a plain, quiet girl who seems to show no interest in looks. The moment she transforms herself into Ageha, however, her attitude takes a 180 degree turn. Using her makeup skills, she not only transforms her schoolmates into beauties, but also helps them increase their self confidence.

Strange how putting on some powder can not only change your looks, but also increase your confidence, right?

But someone once presented me an argument that I find hard to go against – Spending the time to put on makeup can be seen as a form of respect to the people whom you’re meeting. It can be likened to wrapping a present. Instead of just chucking the present into a plastic bag and giving it to the recipient, you take the time and effort to wrap it in pretty paper. The whole box looks prettier, and it enhances the anticipation of its contents. Of course, the contents might not be all that great, but that’s something that the recipient finds out later. The wrapping might not be much, but it serves to increase the value of the gift, and show giver’s sincerity.

What do you think? C’mon girls and guys, let’s hear from both sides!

< random musings >Is the status ‘Christian’ like makeup as well? It’s a title, it gives us an identity, a sense of belonging. Only God knows your true value – what’s inside your heart. Are you truly a Christian, or is it just the wrapper that’s nice?< /random musings >

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