Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So i finally made my own SLR camera!

For those of you who know me, you'd also know (or suspect) that I'm a rather disorganized person. [Personally, I beg to differ - I called it organized mess :P] So when I couldn't find my camera today, I decided to make one!

Turns out it's a little complicated to do, and takes quite nimble fingers to accomplish, but the great side is that it's really really cheap to do. In fact, you can do it with just 20kr, though from experience a $5 USD would probably work better.

How did I do it? Well, take a peep at this video here, recommended by Peek! (Thanks Peek for the cool heads up!)

And then I found my trusty ole canon IXUS 110 IS compact camera,
and decided to take a photo of it :P

Unfortunately, it's a rather shabby, crumbly version of Mijonju's posh version. I did say it takes nimble fingers, didn't I? ;P

Okay, fine, so maybe it doesn't work as well as an SLR camera should,
but it's still pretty cool. And when else can you say "I made my own SLR with just $5!"? :P

Just some tips in case you're thinking of doing this too:
- Use the largest note that you have. Yes, even $50, if you have the cash to spare.
Unless you're very confident of having nimble fingers, don't try this with a $2 note.
- If possible, use a US dollar note. It's long, it's bigger than the Swedish Kroner and Singapore dollar, and it's cheap ;P This means that you won't have to fold the note to adjust for the size, which makes the folding a lot less painful and confusing. (You can trim down the dollar note with a scissors, but do that only
if you're feeling rich. And don't tell the government that you're defacing their property.)
- Use a crisp new note. Otherwise, you're going to start wondering which were the lines you folded. And the end product also looks nicer :D

That's it! Make your own SLR Camera now! :) And if you do, drop me a picture of your new DIY SLR camera :D Let's compare models! :P

[idle musings] Despite being relatively experienced in the art of origami (paper folding), it took me an hour or two to get this down pat. Yet the Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth in just 6 days, with all its beauty and intricacy. Either the Bible's lying, or He's got really quick and nimble fingers! [/idle musings]

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