Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God, you might want to reconsider your strategy!

"I don't want to be the first to sms him/her all the time.. What if I sound too interested?"

Sounds familiar? I know of quite a few people who play that game. It's a power play in the game of relationships - wanting to feel wanted while not wanting to show that you're overly interested in another person. It's a "If I show that I love you more, maybe you'll lose interest in me and start to take me for granted" or a "What if he/she starts to find me annoying, and stops talking to me??" thing.

For some, it continues all the way through the relationship, even after you have affirmed your mutual feelings for each other. For others, this game's only played in the initial flirting/dating/getting-to-know stage. And I guess, if I'm to be really honest, I sometimes play that game too.

But do we really need to play this game? What's wrong with showing affection when you want to? Are we just too proud to show that we're needy? Are we going to play this game all our lives?

Imagine if God decided to start playing this game. You'd never know if He really loved you, so you'd want his affection and try to gain his attention more. Effective, right? But no, He decided to say "I love you unconditionally. All the time. Forever and always. I'll even prove that by sending my son down to die as payment for what you've done wrong. It's irreversible, and I know that, but I do love you, so I'll do it anyway."

Maybe that's the reason why we take Him for granted, and only go bawling to him when we need help.

Dear God,

You might want to reconsider your strategy of showing your affection. I'm not sure your "I love you unconditionally" strategy is working out too well. You might want to consider playing this little game, called the "maybe I love you" game. It seems to work out for some people, so maybe it'll work for you too.


You think?

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