Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pictures @ Södra Latin! Don't miss it! :)

I promised pictures, didn't I? :) So here they are! We only managed to get 4 decent pictures due to the lighting, and 2 are rather grainy. But that's where my photoshop skills are limited to, so please bear with them!

I must remember to borrow a good dSLR for the next presentation we make!

So these are the photos that my 'fanclub team members' took while I was presenting at Södra Latins Gymnasium. If you're from Södra Latin and managed to spot yourself in any of the photos, please go to our Facebook page and tag yourself on the photo! We'd love to know who you are :) And for those who were present but didn't manage to get yourself in the photo, tag yourself in the background anyway :P Or send a pretty pic of yourself to our email, and we'll do a collage of all you wonderful people! :)

Lennart kindly introducing us to the audience!
And what an inspiring audience they are! (Yes, they're inspiring - they recharged my energy!)

Do you spot yourself? If you do, tag yourself on our Facebook page! :D

Uh. So that's me. It's amazing to see that no one's fallen asleep (yet) with me at the mic! *grins*

Meet the SMUS team! Char isn't here though - but we'll put up more pics with pics of us! (We're starting to call ourselves 'the smusies' - do you think that makes us sound like druggies? :P)

I know all my friends in Singapore are wondering "Why are Swedes all so pretty/handsome??" :P Jealous? Come over to Sweden and see the wonderful 'scenery' for yourself! :D

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