Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things women should stop saying to men

So, after writing my post Dear God, you might want to reconsider your strategy, I did some blog catching up and discovered the Manslater post on Julie Ferwerda's blog! (Thanks Julie for your superb posts!)

It's funny how women like to give indirect answers, and have this knack of asking questions that are simply impossible to answer, isn't it? So here's the top 3 questions that we girls should never ask a man, and guys (and other gals) should just run away when they hear these questions :P

"Do I look fat in this?" This question is an absolute nono. If the guy replies "Absolutely not! You look fine!", the woman would just say "You're just lying to make me feel better". But if the guy replies "Erm, well, maybe you should try something else", the woman gets all upset anyway.

"Would you like me to cook dinner for you tonight?" Ahh, that's another trick question. Say 'yes', and and you might get a "But I'm always cooking! I'm tired!" reply, but say 'no' and you'll definitely get a "So you don't like my cooking??" response.

"What's wrong? I know something's wrong." You just can't get out of this one - if you say nothing's wrong, she complains you don't confide in her. And there really might be nothing wrong!

But I wonder why we don't ask God such questions. Instead, we seem to take an accusatory stance when it comes to communicating with God. I wonder what He would say...

"Why did you make me fat?"
God: Because I think you're beautiful that way.

"Why didn't food just drop from the sky?"
God: They used to, but you guys kinda messed up when you ate the fruit from that forbidden tree...

"Why does everything go wrong? Why can't everything be perfect?"
God: So that you can grow, be stronger, and really appreciate the good things I've given you in life! And also because you ate the fruit from that forbidden tree....

"Aww, stop harping on it God. It's eaten. It's not like we can spit it out now..."

[random thoughts] If we do think that way, do we really love God? Or is He just someone whom we want around so we have someone to blame and lean on? [/random thoughts]

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