Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Home Churches are Scary

I've become a fan of Bethany's blog! Her posts are lighthearted and interesting, and while lots of it is not associated explicitly with Christianity, she's a great example of how God works and shines in her everyday life.

She recently posted on Why Home Churches are Scary - sarcastic, yet some of it is so true:

1 - I cannot sit on the back row and escape before anyone greets me.
2 - People want to talk to me... I mean really talk.
3 - People care about me.
4 - I might have to take an interest in other people.
5 - I might be expected to participate in a discussion (rather than spacing out while a preacher does his monologue).
6 - I can't skip church on a whim... but will actually have to call and give a reason for my disappearance.
7 - No nursery?! Who's gonna watch my kids?!
8 - I have to eat lunch with these people... and they want to talk to me!
9 - These people read my blog! (Credit to Paul)
10 - How will they pay the light bill? The offering plates are never passed. (Credit to Paul)
11 - They want us to stay all day. (Credit to Rebecca... who runs and plays with the children all day, much to her pleasure)
12 - They might want to come to my house.
13 - I don't know who the preacher is. (Credit to Paul)
14 - Where's the coffee and donuts? (Credit to Rebecca)
15 - What do you mean, there is no Sunday School or children's church? (Credit to Rebecca)
16 - Where's the worship leader? (Credit to Paul)
17 - Saying I am "fine" just doesn't cut it... they really want to talk to me.

I mentioned previously that I grew up in a home church - a close knit family church where everyone knew everyone, and people would share their problems and go through them together. It was cozy, it was home, but yes - people really do want to talk to you. You can't go through church pretending to be invisible :P

What's your experience in your church? Drop a note and let me know how it feels like in your church!


  1. Chris,

    I am glad you enjoyed the post and that you like the blog.


  2. :D Thanks Bethany! Your blog's been really fun to read! And since I grew up in a home church, I found this post particularly true :)


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