Thursday, October 21, 2010

Counting my blessings

There are times in my life when I sit down and start counting my blessings, and I realize that I've got to be the most blessed person in the world.

Coming to Sweden, I never dreamt I'd make any friends here, much less close friends whom I truly treasure, love being with, love working with. These people have held me up when I was falling, cared for me when I was down at out, kept me going when I couldn't hold my head up, and lent me a shoulder when I needed it most. But more than that, they have shared my joys, tolerated my childishness, withstood my tantrums and have made my life here whole.

I sat thinking about about the past 10 months here, and had this urge to start writing down the ways in which I've been blessed, and the memories that I hold dear to me. After writing for almost 2 hours, I realized that I couldn't finish writing them down, even though I only wrote the key highlights of each incident, and skipped a lot of beautiful memories in between. I'm truly blessed.

But the more I wrote, the more reluctant I was to post this up here. It's rather selfish of me, but I didn't want to publish the private memories I had with my friends on this particular blog. It didn't feel quite right. So I shifted it over to another blog, but decided to leave this excerpt here as my way of saying thank you to the wonderful people who have made the past few weeks of my life so memorable:

Do you remember...

... when we started on SMUS? The team came together in less than a week - a team more than I could ever hope for or dream of. Not knowing whether it would be possible, we all decided to give it a shot in the dark. Within weeks, we started to firm up our plans. I feel so privileged to be able to 'lead' this team, despite my inexperience and incapability. More than just working for this event, you guys have supported me. Not only the SMUS team, but all the people that have heard about this event and have helped to spread it so far. Lennart, Gunilla, Therése, Andreas, Stefan, Brian, Gustav, Olle, Oscar, Jessica... So many people who have heard about it and are trying to support it in whatever way they can! It has made me want to work harder, to pour more energy into this project, to try. I still don't know whether we'll make it, or whether the camp participants will love it, or if anyone will even sign up for it. But what I do know for sure - this journey that we've undertaken is already worth it, even before we've run half the race.
Because you guys made it worthwhile.

And this is only a small bit of the precious memories that I've had in the past few weeks! Again I say, I'm truly blessed.

So, my friends, thank you for believing in me, for overlooking my mistakes, for just being there. It's because of you guys that I can keep running this race.

[random musings] It's times like this when I can't help but wonder why I doubt the existence of God. It's as though God's sent an angel to watch over me, to make sure that there's always someone/something there for me to fall back on whenever I'm hitting my limit. Some people call it chance, others call it luck, but isn't luck just the world's way of denying God's existence? [/random musings]

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