Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christians are savages and butchers

I watched this video posted by BibleExposition.net on Yom Kippur, by SourceFlix.

The Sacrificial Lamb from SourceFlix on Vimeo.

Does anyone else watch this video and feel like they're being thrust into a horror movie? I found the scene where they slaughtered the lamb, then cheered and rejoiced, extremely disturbing. Animal cruelty organizations should come down on this.

"Animal sacrifices are a very heavy thing... The only thing that gives life meaning is the recognition of death, and doing animal sacrifice correctly, recognizing that could be me... that what I owe God for is my life. It's a very powerful experience (not for God, He's not going to eat the steak) - It's for us. It's my recognition that I've done something that damages the world. This animal should be me."

I wonder, then, why they didn't just use human sacrifices. If someone died, would you rejoice or mourn?

Q: "Can you receive the forgiveness of sins without the shedding of the blood of animals?"

A: "No. It says in Leviticus that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.."

Now, before the rest of the world thinks that the Bible is a book for savages, and all Christians are blood thirsty creatures, let me clarify this. This ritual was stated in Leviticus. In the Old Testament. Before Christ came, there was no other way of atonement for sins. Blood for blood. It sounds cruel to use an animal's life to substitute your own, I know, but that was exactly what it was. But wait, didn't Jesus come to be the sacrificial lamb for the rest of eternity?

Are we falling into that trap of following a ritual blindly, without ever wondering why they came to exist in the first place, and whether such a ritual is relevant now?

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