Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're crappy at adapting

Technology's a wonderful thing, but can we adapt fast enough to use it?

This video reminds me of my dear mum, who's fantastic but (used to be) computer illiterate. I remember asking her to hibernate my computer once - only to have her press the power button. I didn't save my work, so pfft! it all disappeared. If that happened today, I'd probably throw a fit :P [Hint: Ctrl+S is your best friend :D]

Sometimes, I wonder how many people will get used to Voxbiblia's new style of navigating the Bible. It's a terrific concept and I love it, but people take time to grasp new concepts, even if there's helpdesk :P I wonder how many people would have the time or patience to fiddle with Voxbiblia...

But well, if you're one of those people, drop me an email and I'll happily get back to you! :)

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