Friday, September 24, 2010

The Nazi revolution begins!

This post comes terribly late, but I guess stale news is still better than moldy news.

Sweden's elections took place last Sunday, and the final tally is out - The Blue party (right wing) won with 49.28% of the votes, the Red/Green party (left wing) took second place with 43.6%, while the Sverige Democrats took a surprising 5.7% of the remaining slice.

Don't remember the Sverigedemokraterna (SD)? Read There's a bomb in Stockholm to see what the huge fuss is about.

All in all, a very disappointing election. It was especially shocking to see that in some municipals, more than 11% of the population had supported SD. More than 1% of the voters had submitted blank votes, while 15% didn't even show up for voting. Many people treated the voting process lightly, and a large percentage voted without even knowing what the party was truly offering. Sad, isn't it?

But I've never gotten so involved in politics before. Singaporeans might complain when taxes rise from 5% to 7%, but we are contented enough to not bother ourselves with trying to vote PAP off the seat. Sweden, too, in a very similar state of content - which probably explains the uninformed manner of voting. People simply don't care.

As Christians, are we also in a state of content? Perhaps the members are happy, weekly activities are going well and everyone has settled into a comfortable routine. "Don't fix what isn't broken", after all.

Or, are we like this group of enthusiastic artists who want to make a difference? (Thanks Julie for the heads up! :))

Let's make a difference today!

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