Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why not? It's free!

Yesterday, I blogged a post on how I get to give out free audio Bibles. I received several requests for them, but when I asked them to do up a quick album at Voxbiblia with their favourite Bible verses, the interest suddenly switched off.

I couldn't help but wonder - why? Was it a lot to ask for others to share verses which inspired them? Is it because people naturally don't like to share verses which have kept them going, or is it because this comes from a "company's request"?

I realized that when people hear that something is free, they instantly go "Why not? Give me two!" But how many people, upon getting these free gifts, actually keep and use them, even if these things are valuable?

In actual fact, the free audio Bibles are not free. Someone paid for them, and it wasn't in cents. It was in thousands of dollars. But rather than trying to recuperate the 'loss' by waiting for people to purchase them, my boss decided to give them away so that others might benefit from them. But if we don't have to pay for stuff, do we really treasure it?

It's the same with Christianity, I guess. We all go around promoting that God's gift to us - the gift of eternal life - is free. But how many of us, after receiving this gift, actually treasure it?

So anyway, I decided not to give away these audio Bible for absolutely nothing. A bit stingy of me, given my boss' generosity, but if you really want a free audio Bible, just take 5 minutes to create an album, or if you have no Bible verses to share, drop me a comment/email on why you would really want one! :)

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