Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sportsmanship and crutches

Wow. When I watched this clip, I almost started crying in office.

Julie wrote a wonderful post about this clip, which you can read here. (Thanks Julie for sharing!)

I'm a shooter. I train air pistol semi-seriously (don't laugh now, it's a serious sport!) back in Singapore. But no matter how serious I was, I will always remember the values that my coach have implanted into me: When you start a competition, you finish it. Even if you know you've screwed up, even if you somehow misfired a horrible shot and know you cannot possibly win, you keep shooting.

That's true sportsmanship, not the guys playing soccer while trying to get away with as many fake faults as possible :P But this also applies very much to every part of life. We all stumble at some points in our life. We crumble, we fall. And when we finally get on our feet again, there are people telling us "it's over, stop running!". Some friends might assist you along the way, giving you a shoulder to lean on, but few of them keep supporting you till the finish.

Is there anyone we can hold on to for support? I have a friend who once told me that "the only reason why we want to believe in God so badly is because we want to have a crutch to lean on". Is that true? Perhaps. But knowing that I've got a dependable 'daddy' to run my race with has helped me get this far.

What about you? Who has been there for you when you needed it most?

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