Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm a bimbo

After spending 2 great days at Disruptive Code (#dcode) with many of the best web developers around, I took a look at my blog and was ashamed. I didn't even have a 'retweet this' button!

So today I set out with the goal of trying to get my blog a little more spruced up, and to slowly move away from my customized Blogger template settings :P

It was, let me just say, a painful process. Five hours later, I've finally gotten my little buttons up, and I'm
still on the awful customized template. *hides face*

I admit it. I'm a bimbo. Even though I look nothing like it, and I've been denying this for ages. I'll go dye my hair blond in just a bit. Anyone remember the bimbo cheer?:
I'm a bimbo! *clap twice*
I'm a bimbo! *clap twice*
I'm a B-I-M... *voice drains away*
I'm a B-I-M... *voice gets smaller*
... whatever I'm a bimbo! *shrugs and looks around in triumph*

Don't know how it goes? Poke me and i MIGHT show you :P

But!! I've finally gotten my twitter livestream up, as well as all the fiddly buttons. Make it worthwhile, and tag your tweets with a #critchris hashtag so others (and me!) will know what you think :)

Update: New banner finally up too :)

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