Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I get to give out free audio Bibles!

Now, I have a wonderful boss at Voxbiblia who's encouraging and inspiring in many ways, but we have a constant friendly debate on the prices of our audio Bibles. You see, the publishing houses (copyright holders of the respective Bible translations) not only collect royalties for the Bibles we sell, they also fix the prices that we can sell it at.

I personally think it's a little expensive. But it's out of our control.

Then today, my boss announced that he was feeling generous. You see, he prepays a minimum sum in order to host the Bible translations (NIV, TNIV, KJV, etc) on our site, and he felt that it'd be a waste if no one got to use it.

Here's the nice part - I get to give away free NIV, TNIV or KJV audio Bibles to anyone I want! Quick, become my friend! :P

In any case, tweet me @chrishweehwee if you'd like a free NIV, TNIV or KJV audio Bible, or drop me a mail at chris@voxbiblia.com :)

In return, I'd love it if you peeps could drop over to Voxbiblia.com and create an album that shares with me your favourite Bible verses. It's something that I ask all my interviewees, and these verses have been a source of inspiration to me. Tell me how these Bible verses have inspired you (write that in the description). Then include the album title in your tweet/email, so I can read it when you're done!

Edit: If creating an album is too much hassle to ask for, then simply retweet my tweet or post this message on your Facebook wall, and I'll get you an 80% discount on your purchase instead :)

I can only give away that many audio Bibles (depending on the translations), so do it now! :D

And of course, if you have the cash to spare, do purchase one as well so that I can keep my job :P

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