Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, here's a work-related question:
Should Voxbiblia give away free KJV audio Bibles, no strings attached?

I previously blogged a post about Voxbiblia giving away free audio Bibles, and it seems like few people are willing to spend time creating an album to get one. (Makes the Bible sound sadly cheap and unwanted huh...)

And so I was wondering what the response would be like if we were to give away KJV audio Bibles for free, with no strings attached.
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Why the KJV? Because...
... There's no copyright issues involved
... Therefore there are no royalties to be paid
... Although it was really expensive creating high quality recordings, it would be more worthwhile letting more people use it, instead of trying to recoup the money spent or earn a profit from it

What do you think? Should Voxbiblia give away free KJV audio Bibles?

[interesting fact] The KJV Bible will be 400 years old next year! O.O [/interesting fact]


  1. You can bring commerce into the temple and put commercial messages all over the place. Hrrm if you do decide to give away a few, do give me a
    Call and I may take one :)

  2. Haha yes, but that would just be spammy!

    If you'd like one, just drop me a mail at and I'll get you a value code :D (logistics logistics - sooo troublesome! :P)


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